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ISIC Latvia
From 8,00 to 11,00 Euros for travel

Lux Express is the largest international bus operator in the Baltics offering its services in 7 countries. Lux Express offices are located in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and St. Petersburg.

Enjoy time getting to know the cities of neighboring countries! Get a great ticket price to travel to Tallinn, Vilnius and Minsk as part of the ISIC adventure campaign. Buy tickets from 01.02. until 28.02 and travel from 04.02. until 31.05.

  • Riga - Vilnius 8 EUR (one way)
  • Riga - Tallinn 8 EUR (one way)
  • Riga - Minsk 11 EUR (one way)

Use the promo code ISIC to buy tickets online.



Discount is valid with
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