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20% off eyewear

Do you spend a lot of time working or studying at your computer or other screens? Protect your eyes with Blinkely computer glasses. Glasses for working on a computer.

We spend about 8 hours a day using smartphones, tablets, watching computers on monitors, watching TV or playing video games.
All of these modern-day displays emit blue light, which is harmful to our eyes at high loads.
Blue light, which is almost as dangerous as ultraviolet light, can cause: In the short term - headache, eye fatigue, tearing and irritation of the eyes. In the long term - irreversible eye damage.

Filtering 90-100% of the blue light emitted by screens, the Latvian company Blinkely offers innovative eyeglass lenses that will make your everyday life easier, protecting your eyes while enhancing your style.
The offer:
We offer all ISIC card users a great opportunity to buy any Blinkely computer glasses at a 20% discount. Go to our website and choose your best model of computer glasses.
Step by step…
Are you an ISIC Card Holder?
-Go to the catalog of our website and choose the most suitable and suitable model and color.
-At the time of purchase, enter the discount code "isic" in the field provided.
-Get 20% off your purchase.


Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC, ISIC Scholar e-card