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90% off your subscription

The vision of the leading Latvian news media "Delfi" is an inquisitive society and knowledgeable young people and educators shaping the future of Latvia. That is why we offer ISIC and ITIC cardholders the opportunity to read the entire content of "Delfi" for a whole year at a special price - 1 euro for 4 weeks.

By choosing "Delfi Abonements" which includes "Delfi Plus", "Delfi Bizness" and MVP at a special price, you will save 90% of the subscription fee. With this subscription, you will have the opportunity to read, watch and listen to the most important daily, business and sports news, with a reduced amount of advertising, and have unlimited access to all "Delfi TV" programs and their archive.

To take advantage of the "Delfi Abonements" special price for ISIC and ITIC cardholders, subscribe to the ISIC newsletter and look for the link in your email or use the ISIC Global App, go to the "Discounts in Latvia" section and find the link to the offer under "Delfi" discount.

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