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10% off scooter rental

To use Fiqsy scooters with a special ISIC discount, follow these steps:

  • Download the Fiqsy application, register by entering the phone number and the code received by SMS
  • Add a valid  payment card in the "Wallet" section of the menu
  • The special ISIC code entered in the "Coupons" menu will be activated automatically
  • Find the nearest scooter on the map, click "Scan and ride", scan the QR code on the scooter, and enjoy the ride!
  • To complete the ride, park the scooter responsibly so as not to disturb others and take a picture of it. Remember! This should only be done within the Green Zone marked in the Fiqsy app.
  • The discount is accepted only for Fiqsy scooter rental. Discounts do not add up. 
Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC, ISIC Scholar e-card