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ISIC Latvija

International Student Identity Card
ISIC Latvia
20% off wakepark

Wild Wake

Wilde Wake is a wakepark by the lake Selēku, at the property called “Meža Selēkas” (Ikškile, Tīnužu parish). Wakepark is equipped with a modern cable and high quality constructions, produced specially for the place. There is also a bright new sports’ equipment for rent. In a short future, we are planning to make a comfortable recreation corner for families and groups of friends, and also to set up a playground for kids.

Wild Wake offers a discount up to 20% to the ISIC and ITIC card holders. Check the prices at the Wild Wake Facebook account.

A valid ISIC/ ITIC card has to be presented by the arrival in the park. With a valid ISIC/ ITIC card, one ticked can be purchased. The discounts do not sum up.

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Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC, ISIC Scholar e-card