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Up 12% off water bottles

Specialized online store for water bottles - UDENSPUDELE.LV. We believe that everyone should have their own water bottle that they carry with them every day, ensuring access to drinking water at all times.

Visit our store and choose a sustainable water bottle, thermos cup, food thermos, or any other disposable product. Use the special code when placing an order and receive a discount.

ISIC and ITIC cardholders receive the following discounts with the special code:

  • 10% discount on all products in the online store UDENSPUDELE.LV
  • 12% discount on Insulated mugs category
  • 12% discount on Thermos Cup category

Discount codes can be found on the ISIC App!

Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts and offers.



Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC