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15% discount on Knockout Barber Shop

KNOCKOUT BARBER SHOP - it's a true and traditional barbershop! This is the culture and atmosphere of the new wave barbershop, which in Riga began operating in 2013. We choose only best tools, cosmetics and techniques that have been rooted in centuries of history and are used to achieve the best results in cuts and shaving.

You will be greeted with more than just a barbershop - it is a community of men, lifestyle, experienced professionals and personalities. It is a unique place where comfort and honesty go hand in hand with excellent service. It is a place for every self-respecting man, a place to meet interesting people and have a good time, having a beer, playing a game, and simply a place to put your mind and soul in order.

With your ISIC card and get 15% discount on all services!

Discount is valid with
ISIC, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC, ISIC Scholar e-card