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15% off eyewear

Do you spend a lot of time working or studying at your computer or other screens? Protect your eyes with Blinkely computer glasses. Glasses for working on a computer.

We spend about 8 hours a day using smartphones, tablets, watching computers on monitors, watching TV or playing video games.
All of these modern-day displays emit blue light, which is harmful to our eyes at high loads.
Blue light, which is almost as dangerous as ultraviolet light, can cause: In the short term - headache, eye fatigue, tearing and irritation of the eyes. In the long term - irreversible eye damage.

Filtering 90-100% of the blue light emitted by screens, the Latvian company Blinkely offers innovative eyeglass lenses that will make your everyday life easier, protecting your eyes while enhancing your style.
The offer:
We offer all ISIC card users a great opportunity to buy any Blinkely computer glasses at a 15% discount. Go to our website and choose your best model of computer glasses.
Step by step…
Are you an ISIC Card Holder?
-Using the ISIC Global app, go to the "Limited Offers" section, find the Blinkely code. Go to the catalog of our website and choose the most suitable and suitable model and color.
-At the time of purchase, enter the discount code in the field provided.
-Get 15% off your purchase.


Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC