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20% discount on a psychologist's consultation

20% discount on your first psychologist's consultation at the Love Home relationship and self-development center at st. Pushkina, 4, Riga, or via remote video consultation.

Going to a psychologist can be considered the art of opening up to a specialist for help in solving various difficulties and finding out about yourself. In addition, if a person deliberately takes such a step, it is useful and welcome, because in one-on-one consultations it is possible to find one-on-one contact that a specialist can and is able to delve into the complications and turmoil of a particular person's life.

It seems funny to many - how will I go now and share my daily troubles with a stranger ?! However, it must be remembered that holding on to it and not speaking, everything accumulates and eventually collapses like an avalanche. But when thoughts and feelings are expressed verbally, changes take place in both the psyche and the brain, allowing you to solve complications and see the solution from a completely different point of view.

Apply for a psychologist's consultation at homepage or by e-mail or phone. Present a valid ISIC Card before paying for a psychologist's consultation.

Discount is valid with
ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, Swedbank ISIC